… Their lead magnet conversion rates soar to 76.85% 
… Earned an average of $30k each month 
… Enjoyed a $12k launch weekorganically!

How much more $$$ could you make every month if you automated your sales process? Let's find out!

The Savvy Sales System is the same one I’ve used to get my private clients 

With the Savvy Sales System, my clients have seen:

BIG Results!

The Savvy Sales System is a done-for-you marketing and sales machine. 

Part-hybrid coaching and part-training course, it comes with customizable design assets you can use to create scroll-stopping offers, marketing templates that make designing a beautiful sales funnel easy, and white-glove support that ensures you get results. 

No tech or design skills needed! 

Get the Plug-n-Play System for Growing Your Business on Autopilot

Do you want to consistently attract your best-fit clients while growing your business on autopilot?

“We had an $18k launch week!”

Our funnel is now bringing in $12k/month on average.

Two years into selling my workout programs, we’d grown the biz over 400% and I knew I was leaving money on the table. After hiring Ashley to design and set up our first funnel for my 30-day community fitness program, I’m spending less time in the sales process, I’m not dealing with tech shitstorms, everything looks cohesive with my brand and is running on autopilot!



You’ve got big, ambitious goals for your business. Like, you’re ready to double your monthly income, join the 6-figure club, and only work 4 days a week!

You’re DONE with losing precious productive hours on discovery calls every week with moochers who aren’t ready to invest (but will pick your brain for an hour and then ghost you.)

You find riding the revenue rollercoaster every month exhausting and you’d rather have a simple, predictable system for generating new leads — so you can get booked out, fill your programs, or sell more digital products and courses.

You know you’d have more time to focus on growing your business and delivering your signature offer if you had a marketing system you could rely on and a sales process that was better defined.

You’ve already wasted too much time and dinero on guesswork when it comes to marketing and selling. You want someone to shortcut the path to cha-chings and give you a repeatable sales process that you can customize for your business and brand.

Who Is the Savvy Sales System For?

Well my friend, read on! Because I’ve got great news for you...


More predictable revenue
Avoid the feast or famine cycle with a 24/7 marketing machine that brings in consistent leads FOR you.

Spend less time on marketing
With the “write-by-numbers” Sales Template System, you can reuse your sales page content for your entire social media campaign! 

Fewer sales calls with better leads 
Your funnel helps you qualify leads in advance, so you can save time on sales calls with bad fits and up your close rate.

No waiting around for contractors 
Having everything you need to implement your own sales funnel means you won’t need to rely on designers or tech support to get on it!

Grow your biz on autopilot
A cohesive, on-brand marketing system that does the upfront selling for you means you get to focus on the more important work.

Ick-free selling
Giving prospects a chance to warm up to you and build trust can zap objections and make them more excited to work with you! 

Unique Funnel Design Templates

implement the

This is what you have to look forward to when you 

Lesley has been teaching in-person fitness classes for 12 years. She had to vastly change her business model when the world flipped upside down. She needed an online system that would support her fitness memberships. She now has a seamless renewal subscription process and her customers are thrilled. Take a listen to this video to learn more about Lesley's experience.



- Creative entrepreneur

- Fitness or wellness pro

- Speaker

- Author

- Business COACH

- Consultant


You’re an Awesome Fit for The Savvy Sales System if You’re a…


You know that investing in your business is a two-way street and you’re only going to get OUT of this experience what you put into it.

- AND -

You’re open to TRUSTING the process and receiving constructive feedback.

You understand that even when you’re working with a proven system, you’re going to have to make small adjustments along the way to make it work for you and YOUR business. And I’m here to help!

You’re committed to feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

You know that there’s no reward without risk and that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

You’re allergic to sleazy sales tactics and actually care about your customers!

Funnels aren’t innately gross. That’s why relationship-building sales training is baked into The Savvy Sales System and we take time to talk about creating genuine connections in your sales and marketing.

What’s Included in The Savvy Sales System

From step-by-step tutorials to customizable website funnel templates and high-touch coaching with personalized feedback, get everything you need to build a beautiful, money-making sales funnel that helps you scale your biz.

Inside our private portal, you’ll get access to everything you need to build your funnel, so you can start selling your signature offer on autopilot! You'll also get life-time access to this course plus updates and new content that's added - Free!

From setting up your ClickFunnels account to customizing your plug-n-play templates
, I walk you through every step of the process. No tech savvy required!

Savvy Sales System Course

5 neatly organized MODULES

These beautifully designed and ready-to-rock ClickFunnels Templates correspond to the rows in the Sales Page Copy Template, so it’s easy for you to copy and paste your own copy directly into the template.

Every template gives you the flexibility to customize your colours, images, and fonts to match your brand. You’ll get access to THREE distinct funnel templates (1:1 service, group coaching, and digital course/community program).

Funnel Design Templates for ClickFunnels


Each template includes aN Upsell Page and Thank you Page

This calendar leads you through a 6-week social media launch campaign, including 2 weeks of teaser content and 4 weeks of guided content.

The best part? All the caption and story prompts correspond to specific sections of the sales page you already wrote using the Sales Copy Template, so all you have to do is plug it in to save yourself wads of time!


Social Media Launch Calendar

Do your design skills stop at playing with IG filters? No problem! You’ll learn how to customize these done-for-you social media templates in Canva (a free online tool).

You’ll receive THREE social media graphic sets (OVER 100 graphics in total!)
, one to match each funnel template. With your Savvy Social Media Launch Calendar, you’ll know exactly when to post each graphic and what to post using recycled content from your sales page. Easy peasy!


Social Media Launch Graphic Templates for Canva


 Personalized Support

Private Inner Circle Facebook Group

PLUS personalized support and coaching to help you troubleshoot tech, implement The Savvy Sales System, and get your funnel up and running!

Connect with other savvy business owners who can be a source of inspiration and support for you in our private community! Feel free to post your Qs, share those #winning screencaps, and get feedback on how you can refine your offer or copy. I’ll also go live for impromptu Q&As, so you can tap into my expertise throughout the funnel-building process!

The best part? All you need to build your sales funnel using the templates provided in this program is Canva (FREE!) and ClickFunnels, a drag-and-drop funnel-building tool that’s only $97/month.

“Now we’re having $20-30k months with a 10X return on ad spend!”

Because my previous funnel looked cheap and unprofessional, I was wasting my time on icky sales calls with unqualified leads who had zero intention of investing in my 1:1 coaching program.

After working with Ashley, my call rate went down but my close rate went from about 30% to 60%, because the right people were already sold on the program before hopping on the phone! 



Our sales process got so much easier because I got to build a relationship with prospects through the funnel, so by the time we chatted, it felt like we already had a connection.

How The Savvy Sales System Process Works in 4 Easy Steps:

Before you build your sales engine, you’ll work through the Find Your Niche worksheet to hone in on your business goals and buyer persona. Then you’ll choose your best-fit funnel based on your signature service — 1:1 service, group coaching, digital product / course or community program.

Refine your target audience

Map out your take-my-money! Offer

Choose your own funnelventure with a 3-in-1 system for defining your growth plan


Nail Down Your Signature Offer

Fire up that funnel in no time with the Sales Page Copy Template System, customizable ClickFunnels Templates, and Funnel Launch Checklist! From learning your way around the ClickFunnels dashboard to connecting your funnel to your offers and integrations like Stripe, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of building and customizing your hands-off marketing machine.

Write a sales page that works with time-saving templates and examples (buh-bye blank page syndrome!)


Build Your Automagic Funnel

Build your sales funnel pages with GORG ClickFunnels templates you can customize to your brand

Documentation of industry-specific marketing opportunities and obstacles using evidence-based data and analytics

Reverse engineer your launch campaign using the Savvy Social Media Launch Calendar and customizable Canva graphics, so your funnel can start bringing all the qualified leads to your biz yard! You’ll also get examples of how to show up for your people in a non-icky way on sales calls, turn connections into cha-chings, and design a kickass referral strategy.

Design and schedule your launch campaign using the content you’ve already created for your sales page


Connect & Convert Like a Mofo

Create your supporting social media graphics

Show up as an awesome, non-douchey human for sales calls

Now that your funnel is rocking, it’s time to create a system for maintaining it. What’s a good conversion rate? And what metrics should you be tracking? We’re covering all that and more! You’ll learn how to use the Metrics Tracker Template to evaluate what’s working and what needs tweaking. You’ll also get a Maintenance Checklist, so you can create a schedule for refining your funnel and keep bumping up that conversion rate!

Develop a maintenance plan for your funnel to keep it in money-making shape

Set up a metrics tracking system, so you can keep tweaking and optimizing your funnel

Share your wins with the group and cue the confetti!


Maintain Your Mojo

So Before You Let Fear Take the Wheel, Let Me Show You The Possibilities...


What you need is someone like me who’s spent 15+ years geeking out on design theory and conversion principles — and 8+ years developing strategic marketing plans and managing promotional budgets totaling $150k… Not some rando who set up shop a few months ago. The kind of person who shows you where to put your mindset trash, simplifies moments of overwhelm, and gives you the fire-under-your-butt support you need to accomplish your big business goals even faster.




And someone experienced enough to make it happen.

and then throw back an #ALLTHEFEELS

cocktail of anxiety, excitement, and doubt.


I’ve been burned in the past by courses and coaches that promised to 10X my business and fell seriously flat.

I’ve let fear limit my ability to show up the way I wanted to in my business. (Did I mention it took me a year to finally launch this program?)

I’ve grown resentful towards a partner who didn’t support my business vision and my desire to invest in it.

I’ve worried that even if something worked for someone else, it wouldn’t work for me.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t made the choice to bet on myself and invest in my dreams!

But guess what?

“Ashley exceeded my expectations in every way possible. She was so helpful, answered all of my questions, and made sure to explain the techy things that I didn’t necessarily understand as well. What I loved most about working with Ashley is that she’s not only a graphic designer, but a business strategist too. She helped me market myself properly, gave me tons of ideas on what to post + emails to send, and she already started thinking of ideas for my next program!”

I Hit 12k Sales in one Week!

Hiring her was the best business decision I've ever made for myself.





What are you waiting for?


Lifetime Access  to The Savvy Sales System Training Program (5 Modules)

Sales Page Copy Template with Examples

(3) Customizable Funnel Design Templates for ClickFunnels

Social Media Launch Calendar

(3) Customizable Social Media Launch Graphic Sets (100+ custom designs!)

Find Your Niche Worksheet

Funnel Launch Checklist

Funnel Maintenance Checklist

Metrics Tracker Template

Private Inner Circle Facebook Group (Lifetime Access)

One-time Investment of $149


Transformation coach & Amazon best selling author

Angela needed help executing her vision for her 6 week "Master Your Mountains" course - a guided transformation experience for Christian women. Through the course, she teaches women how to gain clarity in their business, ministry, and life purpose. She now has a marketing tool that enrolls her students effortlessly. Take a listen to this video to learn more about Angela's experience.

What’s your refund policy?

Yep! I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. Once you’ve had the chance to test-drive the Savvy Sales System, if you don’t love it, I will refund your money! I truly believe in the strategies and content I have included in the Savvy Sales System. So much so that this course took me over a year to create because it’s tested on real clients who have gotten real results. I want you to have the same opportunity, and see how much this system can change your business, risk-free!

-  FAQs - 

What software do I need to use the funnel and graphic templates included in The Savvy Sales System?

All you need to build your sales funnel using the templates provided in this program is Canva (FREE!) and ClickFunnels, a drag-and-drop funnel-building tool that’s only $97/month. And don’t worry, I’ll be walking you step-by-step through the process of customizing these templates for your brand and business using these tools, so no design or tech skills are required!

What elements of the funnel and social media templates can I customize?

Every funnel and social media template gives you the flexibility to customize your colours, images, and fonts to match your brand.

Does this course include Facebook Training? 

It does not. I recommend advertising organically first, then moving towards ads. I work with ad companies that I can refer you too. I do not recommend trying to “figure it out on your own”. You will waste money. Hire an expert.

Do you offer payment plans?

Because I have kept the investment of this program at value pricing, it’s a one-time-only payment of $149.

I have a question but I want to ask it before I invest!

Awesome, I’d love to help! You can send it directly to hello [at] yourdesignerash.com or DM me on Instagram or Facebook.

*All prices are listed in USD.

**Earnings and income representations made by Ashley Gadd, thesavvysalessystem.com are aspirational statements only. These results are not typical and results will vary. 

The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. 

The sales figures stated above are our clients and personal sales figures and those of students that worked extremely hard. We believe in hard work, adding value and serving others. And that's what our programs are designed to help you do. 

As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs or strategies. We're here to help by giving you our greatest strategies to move you forward, faster than ever. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites or emails, are simply our results and other people's results, and should not be considered a promise of potential earnings. 

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. 

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you are not willing to accept that, this is not for you.