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Are you passionate about content? Do you love to create, inspire and take charge? Are you constantly daydreaming about making an impact? This may be the gig you’re looking for! 

Our team operates by a collaborative environment model. We treat our team just like a family - except we leave the drama at home! We want you to be successful and be part of contributing to your happy and healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be joining my team, of dedicated, educated, experienced, and hardworking people who support and help each other. You will feel in-the-know and your opinion + skills will be valued. We are always striving for excellence and need a great addition to join our Design and Marketing Studio.


You are always aspiring to produce world-class content that sells and converts! You know that copy + design are like PB+J and without either it just doesn’t taste right! You also are all of these amazing qualities: 

A go-getter with extreme copywriting passion
Someone who takes charge and is ready for a challenge
You're known as a great collaborator and a team player 
You can get around G-Suite with your eyes closed 
A clear communicator who is effective in their tasks
You’ve got drive and aren’t intimidated by direction 
You welcome feedback and criticism because you know it improves your copywriting
You can juggle multiple tasks given to you and can meet deadlines 
You go above and beyond to make sure tasks are completed 
You’re not hung up on having the perfect copy, but copy that works
You’re not concerned about a job title, and your thinking is “all hands-on deck” 
You’re looking to expand your skills and enjoy learning and growing 
Social media is your coffee in the morning


You can show us examples of your work 
Content marketing work would be considered an asset
You’re located in Canada. We're open to other location options if you’re truly amazing! 

You have 2-3 years sales and website copy experience which can include work done during college

This position isn’t for you if:

You don’t commit fully to your work 
You hate collaborative work and prefer to work independently
You don’t like remote working
You don’t like sales, marketing or design
You are unable to work on multiple copy projects at once and still meet deadlines
You think meditation and self help is ridiculous 
You don’t like the health, wellness, fitness or beauty industry
You don’t smile much or joke around
You are unappreciative


20 hours per week at $18-$20/hr CAD (possible negotiation)
Remote working / in person collaborations (depending on location)
Potential growth to full-time work

If you want to show us how awesome you are, apply to

Oh, and don’t forget to send your sales + website copy examples. We need to see what you can do!

with “I’m YOUR copywriter!” in the subject line, and sell your heart out on why you should be part of our team!

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